Food and Nutrition


Feed your dog balanced meals. If you choose a commercially prepared pet food, the words "complete" or "balanced" should appear on the label or package. Dogs have precise food requirements. Dry food or kibble is more economical. It can be fed moistened or dry. Feed puppies several times a day and dogs, between the ages of six months and one year, twice a day. Adult dogs can be fed once a day. Never feed your dog chicken, turkey or pork chop bones. These splinter easily and can do serious damage to the intestines. Do not feed raw eggs; they destroy an essential vitamin. Dogs do not need variety in food. Always keep, clean, cool water where your dog can help himself when he’s thirsty. Water is vital to your pet's health.


Cats have specific nutritive requirements. For a balanced diet they need water, proteins, fatty acids and vitamins. Dried food helps keep the teeth and gums healthy. Wetting the food may cause wastage and spoilage. The spoiled food may make the cat sick. Never feed your pet cooked chicken or turkey bones. They easily splinter and may become lodged in his throat or intestines. Never serve food straight from the refrigerator. Cold foods may cause vomiting. A cat gets tired of monotony so be sure to feed him a varied diet. Always keep fresh, cool drinking water available.

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