Handling Unwanted Animals

Human homes are usually warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and they often smell of food. It is a common occurrence for wild animals to try and enter the homes. If a wild animal does enter the home the animal should be confined to one room and exterior doors and windows opened to give the animal access to the outdoors. Leaving bright lights on and playing loud music can be effective in encouraging the animal to depart. Food can also be placed at exit points. If a bird is in the house, the glass portions of the doors and windows need to be covered to prevent the bird from flying into the glass and injuring itself in its efforts to escape. In the case of bats, they are only active for a brief period of time at dusk. Doors and windows should be opened at dusk enabling them to leave the building. Once the animal has left the house, any openings should be sealed to prevent other animals from entering. Unfortunately, many people become irrational and unreasonably frightened if they have a wild animal in their home. It may be necessary to dispatch an animal control or fish and game officer to assist with the removal of the animal.
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