Volunteering at the Rexburg Animal Shelter

We are looking for individuals who enjoy working with animals or who would like to help the animals at the shelter.

Volunteers perform an invaluable service in the operation of this unique City department. Volunteering allows you to socialize and train future pets. It also provides us needed feedback to match our adoptable pets to their forever homes. Through your help the animals learn to adapt and bond to people in a positive way, making their chances of being adopted even higher!

How do I get started?

There are many jobs available. The first step in becoming a Volunteer is to decide what you want to do!

Stop in or call during open hours and we can get you scheduled for a time to volunteer.

Many of the volunteer opportunities share assignments so you can help as much as you want.

What are the Volunteer Opportunities at the Shelter?

To Volunteer You Must:

  1. Be at least eighteen years of age to work without parental supervision.

  2. Show a genuine concern for the welfare of animals.

  3. Be willing to work hard, get dirty, and pitch in wherever needed.

  4. Complete a basic orientation session as scheduled by a Volunteer Coordinator before reporting to your first assignment.  (Additional training may also be required depending on the area in which you wish to volunteer.)

  5. Contact the shelter to set up the times that you will be coming in to volunteer.

The ideal volunteer is self-motivated, mature, sensitive, dependable, and a team player. He or she must have the ability to meet assignments promptly, reliably and with flexibility.


You can make the difference in these animal's lives!

We hope to see you soon!

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