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Welcome to the Animal Control section of the Rexburg Police Department. The goal of animal control is to promote the healthy coexistence of people and animals. Animal control is responsible for keeping animals in loving homes, picking up stray animals in the city limits, enforcing animal related laws, and maintaining the animal shelter. The City of Rexburg currently employs one full time, and one part time officer specialized in this area of law enforcement, but any officer can assist in enforcing animal laws.

If you are having problems with a neighbor’s animal, or your own, Animal Control can often times provide the animal’s owner with solutions to correct the bad behaviors. We try to teach owners how to work with their pets in a way that is beneficial to the pet, the owner and the community. In Animal Control the focus is on correcting negative behaviors to create lasting solutions. These solutions require some work on the part of the animal’s owner. Often we are able to work with the owner to bring about a real end to the problem by helping them through many ways to solve each problem and providing expert advice as the owner tries to find the solution that works best in their lives. There are times the changes needed involves changing the way a person views an animal and showing them that the solutions that work don’t involve abuse or neglect and that sometimes just a little change, effort and cooperation is all it takes.

When we don’t get the cooperation that is needed to correct the situation willingly there are many tools we can use to help enforce compliance with state statutes and city ordinances. A fine, citation, or some time in jail really won’t stop the dog from barking, running or other negative behavior it may be displaying, but it often helps the animal’s owner to be a little more willing to stop their own behavior and try something new. The end result is that we bring the peace back after it has been disturbed, and prevent further disturbances to that peace.

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