Bike Patrol

A Bike Patrol Officer checks a door.
The Rexburg Police Department started the Bike Unit in March of 1997 with two (2) bike officers. The department currently has four bikes and seven trained officers. Officers assigned to the bike detail are also School Resource Officers, and perform bike detail duties in the summer when school is not in session.

The Bicycle Patrol Unit is a valuable resource, allowing access to areas not previously accessible by the conventional police patrol car. The bicycle patrol unit also increases communication between our officers and the citizens of Rexburg that they encounter during their patrol. In addition, the bike patrol units have had positive impacts on parks, playgrounds and other areas, allowing citizens to utilize these areas without fear of crime.

The Rexburg Police Department Bike Patrol is an important asset during the summer months in Rexburg. The Officers involved are mostly School Resource Officers. The Division has been around for over 15 years and consists of four assigned Officers.

The duties of the Bike Patrol have a very wide range. They assist with many community events, they teach bike safety classes, they are a supplement to the Patrol Division with taking calls, they patrol the parks and pool areas and they assist with patrolling the city limits. Due to the bike patrol, several crimes have been deterred or stopped, including DUI’s, youth drinking parties, vehicle burglaries, drug use in public, traffic violations and many more.

Each of our Bike Patrol Officers is issued a Police Department bicycle that is equipped with emergency lights to assist in their duties as they patrol the city. Along with all their duties, the Bike Patrol Officers are an asset to the City as they go around visiting with citizens and answering questions as they ride around.
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