Detective Division

The Detective Division of the Rexburg Police Department consists of some of the most seasoned officers working for you, the Citizens of Rexburg. Our Detectives each specialize in different areas of investigations but all work the same types of general cases.

Those cases include:

Property crime - Check Cases - Arson - Frauds - Home Invasions - Death Investigations - Theft - Missing Persons - Child Abuse - Sexual Assualt - Phone Call Harassments - Internet Crime Stalking - Abuse against the Elderly - Robbery - Domestic Violence - Runaways - Credit Card Thefts - Custodial Interference - Drug Cases; including Prescription Fraud - and all other Misc. Crimes.

Detectives are responsible for following up on crime reports involving any criminal activity within the City of Rexburg. Our Detectives work closely with the City and County Prosecutors during and upon completion of any investigations. Our main thought is protection of rights and property of our citizens and to insure that all victims of crime have a voice to be heard and a representative fighting for them. It is also important the citizens know that they, having been a victim of a crime, can depend on this office long after their case has been brought to a conclusion and that we would never just discard them as just another case to follow up on. Every Detective takes a personal investment into a case!!! As a Detective for the Rexburg Police Department, we also assist and work closely with the Patrol Division and the Resource Division in numerous aspects. It is a goal that is strived for daily to not only be reactive but to also be proactive and do all that can possibly be done to avoid citizens becoming victims of crime. This Division brings to the table highly skilled and trained interviewers. It is another one of our goals that all victims know that at the end of the day the officer working their case has given to them the best effort that could be done.

If you wish to report a crime, or have information regarding a case please contact us at:

Webpage crimereport link

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