Internet Crimes Against Children

We can learn things about the world around us to expand our minds through the use of the internet. We can use it to send or download pictures and information to one another. There are also Peer to Peer software’s that let you share information with one another’s home or business computers via the internet, whether it is the latest songs, pictures or videos. The problem with these programs is most of them are allowing the transfer of highly illegal information between computers. This is a tool that is being used to send child pornography, illegal videos and programs. The fight against this activity is at the forefront of federal, state and local governments. Penalties have recently been doubled as of late to deter this behavior in those who would think about downloading and spreading illegal child pornographic photos and videos. The Rexburg Police Department has been working hard to stay at the forefront of investigating and taking action to prosecute individuals that would manufacture and share child pornography. By using state of the art equipment and software to find these individuals we are continually fighting this rapidly growing crime. If you have questions or concerns about Crimes against children please call or click below for more resources.
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