Traffic Accident Reconstruction

The Rexburg Police Department is one of the few agencies in Southeastern Idaho to have an Advanced Accident Reconstructionist working for them. We learned long ago that traffic accidents not only can cause physical injury and even death, but may also cause emotional injury. This is especially true when victims are dealing with their own insurance companies as well as the insurance companies of the other vehicle owner.

The Job of the Accident Reconstructionist is, just as the title states, to reconstruct the accident and learn if possible, exactly what events caused or contributed to the accident, what happened during the accident and what the final outcome of the accident is. Through accident reconstruction we hope to help victims get compensation from responsible parties, without the need of court battles or extended procedures.

The Accident Reconstructionist is a highly trained officer who has many hours of advance training in Accident Investigations and Reconstruction. Not every accident requires a Reconstructionist but on any severe accident involving major injuries or death the Rexburg Police Department will send in our Reconstructionist.
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