K-9 Teams

The Rexburg Police Department recognized the need and potential for trained police K-9's to perform specialized and sensitive tasks. In 1999 we started our K-9 program when the department purchased two drug detection dogs. Our K-9 teams have proven very valuable in the detection of narcotics and assisting the citizens of the community with getting these dangerous drugs off of our streets. Each team must complete a 40 hour certification course with his K-9 partner, but must also annually be re-certified by the State of Idaho Police Officer Training Academy. Should a K-9 team fail to re-qualify, the K-9 team would be relieved from K-9 responsibilities until certification standards are met, therefore, continuous training is of the utmost importance.

Our K-9’s are specifically trained to find drugs and any drug related evidence, including money. The handlers take their dog’s home and the dog becomes a part of their family. This is not only convenient for the Police Department, but insures the dog is capable of being around people other than his handler.

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