Children and the Internet

Technology over the years has grown leaps and bounds with computers, Smart Phones, tablets and texting. The internet has linked our businesses, schools and homes to one another worldwide. Cell phones have made it easy and convenient to stay in constant touch with one another. Social Networking and Texting has made keeping in contact with our friends and families easy and fun. It is a tool to help us in school and even get the best deals on the newest “hot items” at a great price. However, with this great technology there are people out there that would also use it to create sorrow and heartache for others. Whether it is through Social Networking like Twitter or Facebook, or through Online Want Ads for employment or even for the purchasing of that next “great deal”. If you feel that you have been offered a “to good to be true” deal on a job or a purchase through the internet, we encourage you to look deeper into it before you send your hard earned money to these people. If you have questions about your children on social networking sites, and their safety, please contact us at the Rexburg Police Department. We have resources and officers that specialize in ways to help keep you and your family educated to the potential dangers of these sites. To learn more about Social Networking and On Line Want Ads click on the links below.
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                   Permission for use may be obtained by contacting the Rexburg Police Department at:
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