Crime Prevention

Criminal Opportunity: Black Friday

Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, is the unofficial start of the holiday season is the biggest day for retailers...
...and one of the biggest days for criminals!

The holiday season is a time when busy people can become stressed out, careless and vulnerable to theft and other holiday crime.

Black Friday Crime Challenges:
Mob Violence
Crowd Trampling
Pick Pockets
- Purse
- Wallet
- Personal
- From Vehicle
ID Theft

Crime Prevention Strategies

The following crime prevention strategies will help minimize the chances of you being a “Black Friday” crime victim:

Always be aware of your surroundings! Carrying Your Valuables Safely Packages Protecting Yourself Against Fraud Avoiding Cyber Fraud

Diffusing Confrontations

Christmas shopping can be a stressful event, and if you factor in “Door Buster” sales and a mob mentality, aggressive confrontations can and have occurred during Black Friday promotions.

Effective Strategies for Defusing Aggressive Behavior
Black Friday may be among the most anticipated shopping events of the year for deal hunters, but it's also the most treacherous. Crowds of over-excited shoppers hungry for a door buster sales can quickly become a stampeding mass.

Crowd Safety Precautions

Don't let criminals be your scrooge this holiday season. Take a few precautions when you shop and you'll enjoy a safe and happy holiday season!

Crime Prevention: By educating the community on crime prevention techniques and by getting citizens involved in crime prevention activities such as neighborhood watch; we can reduce the number of crimes in Rexburg and increase the quality of life for its citizens.

What is Crime Prevention?

The ultimate goal of crime prevention is to reduce the risk of being a victim. In order to accomplish this effectively, it is important to remove opportunities for a criminal to take advantage of you or your property. You are attempting to prevent either victimization or criminalization by presenting an unattractive target to the criminal. This effort at removing opportunities is often referred to as target hardening. Target hardening can be as complex as installing a high tech alarm system or taking a self-defense course to something as simple as locking your door.
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