Firearm Safety

Basic Gun Safety

Always treat any firearm as if it were loaded!!!

Never allow the muzzle to point at anything you are not willing to see destroyed!!

• Be sure of your target and what lies behind it!!

• Keep your finger off trigger and outside trigger guard until you are on target and ready to fire!!

• Alcohol, Drugs, horseplay and gunpowder do not mix!!

Always safely store ammunition of any kind separate from your firearms!!

Always keep firearms stored in a locked and safe place out of the reach of your children and children’s friends!!

• Ammunition needs to be stored in a cool dry and locked up location. NEVER assume that a bullet will only go off in a loaded gun!!!

Firearms and Children

Gun Owners:
Educate your children of your family rules on firearms and basic Firearm Safety. Show them the mechanics of different guns and how they operate. Show them the different types of ammunition each gun uses, and teach them that certain guns shoot a specific caliber of bullet and they do not mix. Teach them that they can handle your guns when you are present but only then. Always set a good example and keep your guns locked up and stored somewhere safe. Teach them that they are not to play around with guns when their friends are over. Hiding your gun is not the best practice because kids have a tendency to want to explore and find things that are not in plain view especially if they know that you possess a firearm and have seen Mom and Dad with a gun. Kids, especially boys, are fascinated with guns. Putting your gun out of reach only works until your child learns to walk, climb, and use a stepping-stool or a ladder. NEVER make the mistake that your child is too weak to use a gun!!!

If You Do Not Own A Gun:
Talk with your children about the risk of gun injuries that can happen outside your home in places that they may visit or play. Teach your children to stay away from guns when they are in the homes of their friends. Speak with the parents of your children’s friends to determine whether they have a gun in the home. If they do, urge them to empty it out and lock it up.

Teach your children these steps to follow if they encounter a gun:
  1. STOP!


There are many different types, sizes and costs of safes to keep your firearms locked up and secure. There is no right or wrong type of safe. Determine what kind you want or what you can afford and find something that you can lock up and that it isn’t the type of safe that can easily be broken into by your children or children’s friends. If you do not want a safe to store your firearms in there are all types of locks that you can just as easily put on your firearm to keep it secured. The Rexburg Police Department provides locks free of charge so that your firearm can be secured safely. If you choose a Safe or Lock that has a key to keep your firearm locked up with, remember to put the key in a place that your children do not know of so that your firearms stay secured when you are not present.

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