Parking Restrictions

City Street Parking:

The 2 hour parking zones are located on the city streets and the 3 hour parking zones are located in the city owned parking lots. The 2 and 3 hour zones are regulated Monday thru Saturday from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM. except Federal Holidays. City Ordinance # 1094 states that you have to move your car a block face and not return to the same block for the time that is posted, plus a half hour.

City Parking Lots:

There are several public parking lots owned by the City of Rexburg. The first parking lot Is located behind City Hall and the Police Department on the northwest side of South 1st East, the second parking lot is located between City Hall and the Sheriff’s Office on the northeast side of South 1st East, the third parking lot is located by Porter’s Craft and Frame on the southeast side of South 1st East, the fourth parking lot is located on the east side of South Center between the Romance Theater and Gringos Restaurant, the fifth parking lot is located on the south side of Carlson Avenue by the Game Pulse, and the sixth parking lot is located on the west side of South Center between the Paramount Theater and T-Rex Plaza. City public parking lots are 3 hour parking zones, unless otherwise specified. Public parking lots are marked with signs.

Parking Tickets:

Parking tickets can be paid four different ways, online at, at the Police Department at 25 East Main Street, Drop box to the side of the Police Department or by mail at 25 East Main Street. If you would like to contest a ticket it needs to be within 5 days of when the ticket was issued. If you have questions about a parking ticket, the Parking Division can be reached at 208-359-3000 ext. 2353 or 2354.

Marked Parking Zones:

Handicapped zones: Have painted areas that are marked on the ground/curb and may have signs for when snow covers the stall areas. A Handicapped Placard or license plate is required. The Rexburg Police Department has jurisdiction in both public and private parking lots.

Yellow zones: Are marked by painted yellow curbs or will have a sign saying “No Parking” or “No parking here to corner”. Remember to stay 20 feet from an entrance way.

Red zones: Are marked by painted red curb and will have a fire hydrant visible.

Miscellaneous Parking:

Parallel parking zones are marked both with painted lines and with signs in case snow has blocked the view of the stall.
Park the same way as traffic flow and stay within the marked stall areas.


To turn in any expired permits to avoid a ticket and park in the right permit zone.

Be safe and buckle up!

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