Securing Your Home

A burglary occurs every 8 seconds, are you protected?

The steps we take to make our homes more secure will reduce our chances of being a victim. The typical burglar will choose the path of least resistance, and this includes picking a time when they are least likely to run into the homeowner. Many burglars will spend less than 60 seconds trying to break into a home and only a few minutes once inside. They want to get in and out quickly and don’t want to be seen, anything that may cause the burglar to be seen or heard is an asset to you.

Survey Your Home. Look for entry areas hidden from view. Secure tools, ladders and other objects that might be easily used to gain entry to your home.

Outside Lighting. Light up your entry doors and driveway with motion sensor or photo-cell (dusk-to-dawn) lighting options, also consider lighting around your home to help eliminate blind areas.

Entry Doors. All entry doors should be solid wood or metal. Every entry door should have at least two locking devices and one should be a quality dead bolt lock. Consider reinforcing the door frame with screws or metal bracing. Sliding glass doors can be further secured by installing a lock or adding a snug-fitting dowel in the lower track, some older glass doors can be lifted out of their track, you may require additional security measures. Most garages have doors leading to the house from the inside of the garage, and often these are the least protected entrances. Give these doors the same consideration as you would your front or back doors.

Window Locks. Secure all windows with locks; close windows or if they must be left open, secure them with a snug fitting dowel, or with commercial window stops. Consider investing in protective window film or window bars. Retailers of window bars have several selections and some may blend quite well into the look of your home.

Interior Lighting. If you live alone or you’re going on vacation, put timers on one or more interior lights to make your home appear occupied. Consider placing a radio or television on a timer as well.

Valuables. Photograph valuables and document serial numbers; keep this information in a separate location or off site. Don’t leave valuables in plain view. Keep valuables in separate locations, not all together. Consider engraving identification into valuables when possible.

Landscaping. Keep all your shrubs below window sills, and remove lower branches of trees to prevent hiding places. Make sure mailboxes and newspapers are clear as these could indicate you are not home.

Lock Vehicles. Remove property from your vehicle when parked in your driveway or on the street, and lock it.

Neighborhood Watch. Your neighbors can be your best assets in protecting your home and neighborhood. Join or start a neighborhood watch program

Dogs. If you like animals, consider getting a dog. A dog has the ability to sense family and friends from strangers that even the best security systems can’t. In many cases the mere presence of a dog may discourage a burglar. A "beware of dog" sign or window sticker may help as well.

Use the Security. A home with lights, locks on all the doors, an alarm, and lockable windows is still vulnerable if the doors are not locked, alarm not set or a window is left open.

Police. Be willing to call the police when you see suspicious or criminal activity, at (208) 359-3000. You may also contact the Rexburg Police Department to schedule a security assessment of your home.

Remember. Most property crimes are "crimes of opportunity"; most burglars are looking for easy opportunities to commit crimes. Making our homes harder targets by locking our doors, lighting up the outside of our homes and closing our garage door can deter criminals.

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