Rexburg Police Department
Press Release - School SAFETY Threat at Madison Jr. High
Madison School District


On April 14, 2017 a Rexburg Police Department – School Resource Officer was notified by a parent of a Jr. High School student that their child had been told by another student to not come to school on April 20th because he and his friends were going to “shoot up the school”. Officers were given the name of the juvenile making this statement.

Officers and Detectives were immediately sent to the Jr. High and began working closely with Madison School District personnel to:

    • Insure the safety and protection of students.

    • Conduct an investigation;

      • Interviewing suspects and witnesses.

As of today the Rexburg Police Department has identified and interviewed six juvenile males involved in this incident as those making the comments or eluding to any violence at the school as well as witnesses. We have met with the parents of these juveniles and made them aware of what was happening.


Our investigation has determined that the involved juveniles had no intention of committing any acts of violence at school or to anyone and that in fact this is a case of some juveniles trying to be “cool” among themselves and with a few other individuals, whom they made comments to. These comments were made in extremely poor taste and in bad judgment and were overheard by witnesses.

That this entire event began when one juvenile was playing an online video game “CHIVALRY” and, after losing, commented over the headphones that he was wearing “I’m just going to shoot up the school”. This occurred sometime in late February or early March and this group of kids has continued to play upon this comment with each other with one of the juveniles bringing the date of 4-20 into the discussion because he heard it was a national pot smoking day.

We have confirmed with parents that these juveniles did not have any known access to weapons and none of the parents kept guns in their homes.



We take these matters extremely serious and are invested personally in these matters as many of us officers have children attending the Jr. High and other local schools. Safety of our children is paramount to us and Madison School District officials and we strive together to provide the safest possible environment for them and our teachers.

As part of our continued effort we will have not only School Resource Officers in our schools but will have detectives, patrol and K9 officers in the schools the remainder of the week.








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